CLAC 2012: Going green with conference bags!

We're excitedly making our final preparations for your arrival in Walla Walla. As you prepare to travel, we have a "green" announcement: there will be no CLAC 2012 conference bag. (But do rest assured, you will be getting CLAC 2012 swag.)

 Instead of the CLAC 2012 conference bag, we have a fun activity to propose to you. We invite you to bring your favorite conference bag from a past conference! This could be a classic CLAC bag, but any conference bag is welcome. Give that bag sitting in your closet a chance to shine again!

 With the "leap of faith" that conference attendees will take us up on this activity and bring their favorite bag, we plan to photograph people with their bags, then show these photos as part of the slideshows that we will show during the conference. If per chance you really don't have a bag, or forget it, or really want a bag when you get here, we do have a very limited supply of (first come first serve) bags from past IT conferences that our IT staff has donated and can give you-- simply inquire at the registration desk.

 We are very much looking forward to your arrival, hopefully with your classic conference bags in tow!