Thanks to...

Special thanks to those who helped make CLAC 2012 possible!

•  The CLAC 2012 Conference Planning Committee:

Joelle Chavre
Mike Osterman
Ronnelle Partlow
David Sprunger (Chair)
Dan Terrio

  The following individuals:

Katie Curry

Greg Diment

Barbara Barlow
Robert Fricke
Brian Griffith
Rich Hinz
Mike Hubbard
Sherrie Kamara
Kevin Kelly
Jon Loney
Bryan Lubbers
Cate Lyon
Ken Paine
Keiko Pitter
Michael Quiner
Tristan Rupert
Kyle Singer

•  The CLAC Board of Directors:

Lisa Bazley
Marianne Colgrove
Greg Diment
Jon Enos
Janet Scannell

•  All presenters and content contributors:

Suzanne Aber
Ellen Borkowski
John Bucher
Gardner Campbell
Jeff Clarke
Greg Diment
David Gregory
Carl Heideman
Rich Hinz
Barron Koralesky
Jason Kraushaar
Roberta Lembke
Tony Palomino
Jason Parkhill
Scott Payne
Lisa Perfetti
Michael Quiner
Brian Rellinger
David Saacke
Rebecca Sandlin
Janet Scannell
Marsha Schnirring
Glenn Stauffer
Randy Stiles
Sue Traxler
Richie Trenthem
Brad Weaver
Jolee West

•  Our corporate sponsors

... and anyone else not mentioned here:
you may not be listed but your efforts did not go unnoticed!